Travellers diarrhoea?

Travellers diarrhoea? What should I do? Relax. This condition is usually harmless.

How can I treat it? The most important treatment is water. You should at least drink 2-3 litres daily. Preferably with rehydration salts. Usually the stomach returns to normal within 3-4 days without any other treatment. Loperamide (Imodium) is now recommended for uncomplicated diarrhoea as it reduces the total days affected.

When should I call a doctor? In case of blood in the stools, fever, or a gradually worsening of the general condition you should contact a doctor. Some times antibiotics or rehydration through the veins is needed. If your child is affected you should always ask a doctor for advice.

Could I have prevented this and why did I get it? Generally you’ll never know where the bug came from. The best measure to prevent travellers diarrhoea is a good hand hygiene and think about what you eat.

What about probiotica? Probiotics has not yet been shown to reduce the risk of developing diarrhoea. Some studies have found that probiotics can reduce the days spent confined to the toilet with one day. This is however still controversial.
What ever you do, don’t let the fear of diarrhoea keep you from the great seafood of Zanzibar.

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