Blood Donation 25th June 2016

Blood Donation 25th June 2016

Last Saturday we were happy to host the annual blood donation at the end of Ramadhan organized by The Rotary Club Zanzibar in cooperation with the Blood Transfusion Center Zanzibar.

Every year during Ramadhan the blood bank notices a significant shortage in blood supplies, because less people are able to donate due to their fast during the days. As a compensation The Rotary Club Zanzibar organizes 2 donations every year at that time. People, who are considered eligible after testing their Hb-level, blood pressure, weight and answering an elaborate questionnaire, can donate and therefore help our community here in Zanzibar. Before the donated blood will be used, it is tested on HIV, Syphilis and Gonorrhea; that information can be obtained by the donor 1 week after donation.

If you missed last week’s donation, you can come rhis Saturday, 2nd July 2016 between 9am-12pm to the clinic. We and the Transfusion Center Zanzibar will be present again and welcome you as a donor.

If you want to donate on a regular basis, you can go in the future to the Transfusion Center itself close to Amani Stadium. They are open for the public every weekday 8-10am.




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