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Zanzibar Islands – beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise Indian Ocean, far away from home and the usual busy life. Sounds perfect, until you wake up in the morning and you feel ill. You ask yourself – do I need to see a doctor? Is it maybe just something minor, or will I need medication? Being on a tropical island also means that you are exposed to possible threats to your health, you would not be confronted with at home. Sometimes it is needed to see a doctor physically in order to determine whether and what treatment is needed. Sometimes a doctor might decide that no physical contact is needed for the moment, your question can be solved over the phone.

We therefore decided to offer everyone the opportunity to live chat with our doctors. All you have to do is click on the blue icon in the far right lower corner of our website. We are online daily 8am till 6pm and will be able to give you quality advice – is it needed for you to be seen immediately? Can you wait? What can you do in the meantime? Even if we are not online, we will receive your request via email and respond as soon as possible.

We think that this option can give a lot of peace of mind. You will not have to worry endlessly, let alone “research” on google and you might even save money and time avoiding unnecessary doctors visits.

We encourage everyone to use this feature. It is free of charge, our service to the people calling Zanzibar their home and Zanzibar’s visitors.

In order to keep our services on the high level that they are, we rely on our in-house patient visits that are being charged as usual and donations. If you want to show your appreciation after using the live chat, donations – big or small – are welcome.

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